Friday, May 27, 2011

Save money with your smartphone!

I originally posted this on Droid Portal and since that site is dedicated to Android devices only Android is referred to. Google Shopper and Shop Savvy both are available on iPhone. Please don't forget to support me by visiting one of the ads.

Everyone's looking to save money these days. Next time you're out shopping utilize the tools that are available to you to make sure you're not spending more than you need to.
Google Shopper and Shop Savvy - Both of these are great apps available in the Android Market. You can either type in a search for a product or use your phone's camera to scan the UPC barcode to lookup prices. Google Shopper also allows you to read customer reviews.
As you're shopping use these apps to make sure that you're getting a good price. Also some stores have an awesome price match policy such as BestBuy.
Recently I used Google Shopper on a Compact Flash disk that was $50 at BestBuy. When I looked up the product I had found it at Sears for $25. The BestBuy employee made the call to the local sears to confirm the price and viola, I saved $25 dollars. 
Gas Buddy - This app has the potential to save you quite a bit. It helps you locate where gas is the cheapest. Although I recommend that you use this app before your tank reaches empty. I've never understood why some people will waste a couple of gallons of gas to save one penny but that's neither here nor there.
Knowledge is power!

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