Monday, June 6, 2011

Apple's newest patent

Apple's newest patent application gets a little crazy on the control side. In short the new technology allows your iPhone to interpret infrared light and changes user's permission to use the camera. The proposed applications of this technology is to prevent picture capture or video recording at movies and concerts.

Infrared data is detected by the phone. This infrared signal would be sent by the use of infrared transmitters. The LED transmitter could act as a spotlight thus disabling the record feature on the phone or it could act as a strobe light to cover a general area that the phone would pick up regardless of which way it's facing.

The technology does have some beneficial features. One example is to send information to the phone, you could point your phone at an animal exhibit at a zoo and it could allow you to watch a video on the animal you're looking at.

This technology is another indicator that Apple has no intentions of letting up on controlling every aspect of your mobile experience. I am a fan of both Android and iPhone with Android taking the win but this technology would absolutely keep me from ever considering an iPhone again.

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