Tuesday, July 5, 2011

LinkedIn, my favorite place for tech news

It has been a few months since I originally noticed that LinkedIn Today appeared above my news feed. For a while I was completely ignoring it but then I started noticing that there were some news stories there that I hadn't seen any where else.

What's really cool about LinkedIn Today is that it's tailored to you based on your connections. It's what your "industry peers" are reading and sharing the most. Since I most of my connections are in the tech field most of my news feed is infused with tech related stories. It's also rarely repetitive, some of my other feeds I will see the same story multiple times just from different channels rehashing the story from the same source.

LinkedIn is often referred to as the site you go to when looking for either a new job or new employee. Here I have to say that they have done a surprisingly good job of making themselves more relevant.

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